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English Center USA offers one of the smallest class sizes, with the best, most personal attention from our expert faculty instructors. Students are happy with the very friendly, non-threatening learning environment and more affordable tuition.

English Center USA is the only school in the area which allows you to join classes at any time during the semester.

Choose from the following courses*:
Conversational English
Listening Stategies
Speaking & Listening
Writing Essentials
Academic Writing
Current Events & Reading
Reading & Pronunciation
Integrated English
American Literature
TOEFL or IELTS Test Preparation
Survival English (see below**)
American Culture, TV, & Movies
American Culture, People, & History
Business English
Presentation Skills
EPI Test Preparation Tutoring
Customized Tutoring

English Center USA offers full-time and part-time English programs, as well as customized courses and tutoring. Full-time Intensive programs give students 18 hours of instruction per week, and allow you to develop your English skills prior to university study in the U.S., or for business, professional, or other purposes.

The part-time program or tutoring is intended for visiting scholars and spouses, graduate students, or those who wish to study part-time (less than 18 hours per week) and do not need an F-1 full-time student visa.

**Survival English is designed for beginning and low-intermediate level students and visitors to the U.S. You will learn basic English skills quickly and in a comfortable setting. In these classes students will learn basic conversation, listening, grammar, pronunciation, writing, reading, and vocabulary, while also learning fundamental survival skills for living or traveling in the United States. For example, be more comfortable in ordering in a restaurant, know how and when to offer tips/gratuities, how to read a bus schedule, telephone conversation tips, and many more important activities in living and traveling in the United States. In this Survival English program, students have many opportunities to practice speaking in English and learn about American Culture. Field trips around town and the university campus are promoted during or outside of class time.

Students who want to study on an F-1 student visa must enroll in
the full-time program, and we will provide an I-20.

*Early registration for courses is suggested, as availability of some courses may be restricted or closed based on number of students enrolled.