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Part-time Program & Tutoring

The Part-time program is designed to meet the needs of visiting scholars, spouses, graduate students, those wanting to travel in the U.S., or anyone who wants to study part-time (less than 18 hours per week), and who does not need an F-1 full-time student visa.

Classes meet usually in the morning and/or the afternoon. (Evening classes subject to student need and interest). Receive 3, 4, or 6 hours of instruction per week for each course, depending upon the course you choose. (Note that students who wish to study with an F-1 student visa are not eligible for the part-time program and must enroll in full-time study.)

If you arrive after the semester begins, your tuition will be prorated, so you only pay for the weeks that you attend! English Center USA is the only school in the area that offers pro-rated tutiion for students arriving at varied times during the semester!

Who can benefit? ... People just like you!

Visiting scholars -- are you struggling to meet the demands of a new language, new culture, and the high expectations of professors and colleagues at the University of Illinois, or at conferences, or other institution? Scholars may feel embarrassed to ask their university colleagues for help, but at English Center USA you will have all the personal attention and help you need to succeed.  We are here to help you!

Graduate students -- are you struggling to be understood in your university research group? Improve your ability to be understood by others both orally and in writing. English Center courses or tutoring will help improve academic writing, pronunciation, grammar, conversation, or any other area of English.

Spouses of scholars or students who want an opportunity to meet new friends and share interesting conversations, while improving their English skills in a relaxed and comfortable setting are welcome to come to English Center USA. You will feel like this is your American family, and you can improve your conversation skills while learning more of American Culture while you live in the this community.

If you intend to travel in the U.S.A., the Survival English courses are designed for beginning and low-intermediate level students and visitors to the U.S. You will learn basic English skills quickly and in a comfortable setting. In these classes students will learn basic conversation, listening, grammar, pronunciation, writing, reading, and vocabulary, while also learning fundamental survival skills for living or traveling in the United States. For example, be more comfortable in ordering in a restaurant, know how and when to offer tips/gratuities, how to read a bus schedule, telephone conversation tips, and many more important activities in living and traveling in the United States. In this Survival English program, students have many opportunities to practice speaking in English and learn about American Culture. Field trips around town and the university campus are promoted during or outside of class time.

Private Tutoring Option: English Center USA also offers private tutoring for a separate fee. This is a chance to meet with an expert teacher one-on-one to receive customized instruction for your exact needs, for as many hours a week as you prefer, at times and days convenient to your schedule. This is an excellent way to get expert instruction on the specific skills you would like to develop.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.